Join Seven Kings outing to Forest Gate Pop Up Market on 30 August

Woodgrange market stallWant to see how to get a Pop Up Market in Redbridge?  It’s been done in Forest Gate and has had a real impact on the local shops and economy there.  The area around Forest Gate station looks just like Seven Kings, which inspired me to visit the market earlier in the year.

We are meeting with Laura Glendinning who had the initial idea and now co-manages the market.  Information about the Woodgrange Market is here.

Meet at Seven Kings Station at 12.55 on Saturday 30th August.

Train leaves at 13.06 and arrives at 13.14. (You will need to buy your own ticket!)

Have a tour round the market (it’s very small!) and meet with Laura Glendinning at  ‘CoffeeWoodgrange market vintage 7′ the new Forest Gate cafe that has opened and is thriving as a direct result of the Woodgrange market.

Everybody welcome – local residents, shop keepers, businesses.  Join Dawayne Williams, Town Centre Manager.

See you there!

Ros Southern
07707 460309/0208 599 2568
FB: Sophia Hubs Seven Kings

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