Evening enterprise club speaker Bev Stratton on customer service – Tues 26 August 7-9

Bev Stratton 2On Tuesday 26th August Bev Stratton will be our speaker at 7.15.  The evening enterprise club session will run from 7-9 with plenty of opportunity for networking, informal mentoring and peer support.

The topic is customer service.  Bev is highly experienced in supporting businesses and has proposed this topic which is relevant to start-ups, however small.

Bev says: Many of us have been on the receiving end of bad customer service and in these difficult times customers are more ‘savvy’ than before and are looking for not only greater value for money, but a better quality service as well. What separates a successful business from the unsuccessful is a quality customer service model.

Bev has worked for the Redbridge Council for 31 years and for 26 of those years has worked closely with business as a Business Development Officer and for the past ten years as the borough’s Town Centres and BIDs Development Manager.  She will provide a few tips on how to create a quality customer service model for your business.

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