When Jeffery met Vicky at the enterprise club – successful funding for summer sports

Jeffery and Vicky successful funding bidOne of the exciting things about the weekly enterprise club is the number of meetings, support and deals that take place during the rest of the week as a consequence of this new network.  It is difficult to keep tabs on all the ‘outcomes’ but we really need to try as this is the value of bringing start-ups together outside the courses and other support that is available.

This photo is of Vicky Torrance (middle) who is a start-up running workshops and creating resources on community safety issues and gang crime.  One of her business sidelines is fundraising support which she is also experienced in.

Vicky met Jeffery Nkrumah (right) of Inspired by Sports when he came as speaker to the enterprise club.  Jeffery requested Vicky’s help with a funding bid to the GLA for a sports activity in the borough this summer.  Vicky was successful and so Inspired by Sports Directors Jeffery and Victoria (left) are now setting up an exciting sports and personal development scheme.  And Vicky has received her payment promptly!

To contact Vicky – 07930 842306 or email vicky.torrance27@gmail.com.  To find out about the Inspired by Sports summer programme click on their website.

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