The personal aspects of running your business – a practical enterprise club session

Nnenna photoThanks so much to Nnenna Anyanwu who led the enterprise club this week. Nnenna is an experienced business coach and consultant based in Ilford and runs her own business.

This looked at part of the personal aspects of running your own business.  The questions she posed were “who are you?”, “where are your strengths?”.  The session was participatory as usual.  Using Howard Gardiner’s Multiple Intelligences start-ups had the opportunity to do a personal analysis to find out their strengths.  It helped people to make decisions based on their identified strengths.

We were also introduced to models of managing and the roles that people take on within a business.  There was some exploration of the roles which the start-ups find particularly difficult and which could lead to partnership working, or to buying in skills.

We hope to continue working on some of this input in future sessions.

Nnenna is part of the steering group of Sophia Hubs Seven Kings and we are very grateful for her input this week.

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