Sophia Hubs and start-ups interviewed on Radio Ramadan 87.9FM

Thanks so much to Minhaj Mosque in Newham and Radio Ramadan for hosting Sophia Hubs and start-ups this afternoon. It was an honour and we hope listeners found our work inspiring because we do too!!   I have known and worked with Minhaj over many years and appreciate the tireless work done to build good community relations.

Khadija Atkinson was the presenter and led us through a 2-hour conversation.  #

People on the hot seat: 

  • Jeffery Nkrumah and Victoria Onyeka from Inspired by Sports (a new local social enterprise, and enterprise club speaker)
  • Stephanie Mugo of the Osteomyology clinic of the blue lotus ( a new start up, regular at the enterprise club and Sophia Hubs volunteer)
  • Shahanara Begum (very early stages of thinking through a start-up idea). 
  • Aidan Ward (Director of Sophia Hubs Ltd)
  • me.

We talked about all sorts… the practical support we offer start-ups and the Timebank and there was lots of opportunities for the 3 start-ups to promote their work, plus as much name dropping as possible for other start-ups we are involved with! 

Radio Ramadan is on 87.9FM

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