Develop your business plan with Ola Asgill at Tuesday’s lunchtime enterprise club

Want to develop your business plan or create your first oneOla Asgill, Managing Director of Ketco Limited in Chadwell Heath is running the session as he considers a good (and flexible) business plan to be essential to a business.  This will be a longer session than usual.

Tuesday 24th July at St Johns Church.  The last lunchtime session until September although there will be 2 evening sessions.

12.15-1.00 – Ola will present the elements of a business plan

1.00 – 1.45 – start-ups will work on their business plan with support from Ola, Elaine Freedman (Sophia Hubs volunteer and from local business ICT in Education) and each other.

1.45 – 2 – Q & A and final comments

Ola is on the steering group for Sophia Hubs Seven Kings and is also help us to develop our business plan.

We are grateful to all the speakers who have given their time for free over the last 8 months.



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