What sort of personal qualities do you need to run a business?

Our speaker this week is Nnenna Anyanwu, a business growth development consultant who runs her own local business.  She is on the steering committee for Sophia Hubs Seven Kings.

Tuesday 22nd July 12 for a 12.15 start.  The formal session will run to 1.15 and peer support can continue until 2ish.

Nnenna wants to run a session that challenges you to consider the reality of the demands of running a business and to see if you have what it takes!  She will of course have plenty of practical tips to help support you in being an entrepreneur.

We are delighted that Nnenna is willing to run this session, which will be followed up by one on goal-setting in the Autumn.

Here’s a bio from Nnenna’s Linked In profile.

I run a financial education programme for individuals to help them understand how money works and how to make it work for them. Financial education, wealth creation, debt counselling and financial freedom.

I advise a number of entrepreneurs and small businesses who are planning on growth within the online, retail, IT and a number of other sectors

I work as a consultant/project manager for a number of companies focusing on building and delivering the strategic direction of the business and on the operational business process improvements within the organisation that results in measurable improvements in performance and profits. I and also able to design and develop business and financial models

I have worked with Business Link, LMAS Government funding for Leadership and management training, various UK Business Libraries and other organisations to deliver seminars, workshops and one to one advice and support for Entrepreneurs and SMEs.

I am planning to connect with other organisations and agencies around the world interested in my services on Training, Entrepreneurship, business and financial consultancy and Strategy Implementation.

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