Summary of businessy resources of local interest

  • The new Redbridge Institute prospectus is out.  The 4-week start your own business course is worth attending. It looks like the very cheap £10 deal has ended – It is now £38 for 4 week 2-hour course on Monday evenings three times throughout the year.  They could also run it just for us.
  • There is a free start-your-own-business course if you are unemployed, over 19 plus with some restrictions regarding benefits you may receive.
  • For FREE and personal tuition/support in marketing – there is a very unique and large scale event in Ilford Town Centre 26th August to 13th September.  Organised by FP Comms called I am Marketing.
  • The Redbridge Chamber of Commerce has their business breakfast is tomorrow Tuesday 24th July at 7.30 at Redbridge College.  For Sophia Hubs start-ups the annual fee has been waived.  It’s £10 for the breakfast – please text me or ring me if you want a place.  07707 460309
  • For excellent local weekly news for all things to do with the voluntary, community and faith sector including funding and social enterprises, sign up for the (a) Redbridge CVS mailing. (b) the twice monthly Redbridge Faith Forum newsletter:
  • For Redbridge training (free for non profits) on all things to do with safeguarding, including mental health, behaviour problems, forced marriage JULY 02 2014 – Training Programme 2014 -15(1).

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