3 laptops available at the enterprise club for peer practical social media support

We now have 3 laptops that are ready to use.  These will be available every Tuesday at the enterprise club and we hope that they will be used for practical support such as setting up Linked in profiles, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, joining networks etc.  The great thing about the Seven Kings Sophia Hub network is that you are all so keen to help each other out and share skills.   The laptops are there to help the peer support get very hands-on!

Please also be aware that we would like to offer a space, a laptop, a desk and other office equipment to start-ups and can do this for a very low fee.  ‘Incubation’ space is one of the strands of our support that has taken a while to set up.  An additional possibility is that we set up times when I will be in the office and others can come along and work together – as per a traditional office. 

Thanks so much to Jim Jarvie of the *SWESRS synagogue in Oaks Lane, Newbury Park for the volunteer support he has given the project in many ways including preparing the two extra laptops.

*South West Essex  and Settlement Reform Synagogue

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