Flirt cafe perfect venue for a motivational Sophia course

Sophia 1 Flirt cafe annemarieDay one completed.  This Sophia course ia aimed at Valentines Ward residents (funding from the Council’s Valentines First fund) is a reflective and transformative opportunity to look at the community in which we live and generate ideas that can become social enterprises. 

The six participants, plus Jonathan and I, all loved this day together.  We are shaping businesses with a heart.

We looked at:

  • our best examples of community projects and community spirit sophia course 1 flirt small group
  • What our values are
  • what our neighbourhood is like (mainly but not exclusively the bad bits)
  • using statistics to back-up our perceptions
  • finding the root value of the ideas we have for community projects and businessessophia course 1 flirt wool ending
  • setting the homework!

Comment from participant: “What I found inspiring was the sharing and caring and everybody thinking together”  Nima

Day two is next Saturday.  It is possible we could fit in another person or two, particularly if you live in or near Valentines ward in Ilford.  Get in touch if you are interested or want to be contacted for the next course.

Thanks to Flirt cafe for being a wonderful venue for us in the upstairs room.  It’s nice to be supporting a new enterprise in the area.  The cafe address is 361 Ley Street, Ilford IG1 4AA and telephone number 0208 001 7061

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