Making Redbridge richer!!! Timebank brokers trained up

broker training flip 2Great to welcome Lynne, Bojana, Krithika and Marie from the Volunteer Centre today to be  part of our joint training on Timebank broking.  They joined some of our team:  Jenny, Elaine, Lynette and Stephanie.

Liz Walker and I led the training and we looked at

  • the reasons for the Timebank,
  • how it fits with Sophia Hubs work,
  • how it works,
  • some of the concerns,
  • elevator pitches,
  • how to register
  • practicing informal conversations with a purpose (getting people to join up!).

The reasons why our work is going to make Redbridge richer is:broker training flip 1

  • build up community networks and community spirit
  • widen the circles of support that people can call on
  • Get the things you need (without spending money)
  • Widen the customer base and contacts for start ups and local businesses (most work comes from who you know
  • Start-ups get their first customer experience and have better chance of making it.

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