FP Comms come to our enterprise club before taking on Saatchi and Saatchi

FP Comms July 14 no 2Thanks to Nicola Millington, Director of local business FP Comms to leading an inspiring session.  FP Comms is her second business – she closed down the first one once she knew what she wanted to do.  She said all learning is valuable and she does not see that there are mistakes.

FP Comms is going to be the first female led national marketing company and she plans to take on Saatchi and Saatchi.  She gave excellent examples and encouragement to work out who your customers are and then tailor the marketing and your energy into this group.

Nicola was very helpful in giving tailored and bite-sized feedback to the 6 start ups here today in response to the questionnaire she handed out.

fpcomms_logoThe good news is that FP Comms are going to run the first ever big marketing support event in Ilford Town Centre from 26th August to 13th September and bring a team of 8 people to help set up facebook accounts, instagram, websites. blogs etc.  All free.  All good marketing for FP Comms that is aiming to get far and high through being courageous and different.  It’s called I Am Marketing – will let you know more information when we get it.


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