Looking forward to our first Timebank Brokers training!

Tomorrow we have a training session being run in partnership with the Redbridge Volunteer Centre to train up our first Timebank brokers.  It’s 10-12.30 at St Johns.  This is an exciting milestone – our first Timebank training. 

Looking forward to having a team of people who can help manage the database, make sure that the wonderful currency (people hours) is circulating freely and productively, and also help to explain the whole thing to new potential members.

This is a new thing for us and for Redbridge and there’s lots to learn including soft ‘interview’ skills to help people discover what they can offer and what services they would like.

Hopefully by early next week we have created loads of money (hours) by awarding the 20 people who have so far registered and attended a meeting/induction 5 hours credit!

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