The ‘who’ of your business – inspiring speaker Nicola of FP Coms

INicola FPCommst was a pleasure meeting Nicola Millington this week to plan the session for the enterprise club on Tuesday 8th July.  Nicola will be there from 12-2 and is keen to give practical advice to start-ups. Her talk will start at 12.15 and she will stay around to give one-to-one support.

Nicola runs a marketing business in Ilford FP Comms just meters from where she was brought up and employs three people.  She has secured a very wide customer base, including Vision (the council’s leisure and arts arm) and is preparing for an exciting free 3-week event for businesses in Ilford Town Centre at the end of August.

Nicola will be talking about ‘who?’.  She believes that once you work out WHO you want to sell your product/service to, then your business can take off and without knowing this, your business is not going anywhere.  She has loads of experience, tips and encouragement to pass on.

Here’s a bit of a bio:

Back in 2011, Nicola had a vision to create a company that delivers marketing services and products that build and maintain long term relationships between businesses and their customers.  She is an ardent supporter of people realising their full business potential, hence FP Comms.

FP Comms is a creative marketing and communication company whose clients have a vision, an idea and a goal; they are the thinkers, creators and innovators. The business’ philosophy is passion, hard work, creativity and inspiration; great communication is her company’s mantra and lies in the very heart of FP Comms.

She says, ‘to us there are no boundaries, just new things to discover and accomplish. We work with focused businesses.  We have a high calibre of staff, a wealth of contacts and a multitude of skills, we guide our clients through their journey and turn their aims into achievements’

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