Inspiration and clarity on legal structures for social enterprises

legal structures group“just what I needed” “fantastic” ‘extremely helpful” was the gist of comments from the start-ups that attended the training on 30.6.14.   David Alcock explained in a clear way the issues and choices around the legal structures a business takes.

Of the 12 start-ups attending today half are already trading as sole traders and are deciding between setting up a CIC or a charity.  They found out that it is pretty easy moving from a CIC to a charity but not vice versa.  There are also considerations of control (more for a CIC) and funding streams (possibly more for charities).

Nice to meet Lorraine Ellery, pictured with David, who is in the early stages of a cake business.  She is hoping to come to the enterprise club on a weekly basis to get the support and input from other start-ups and the speakers.ent club legal structures

If you want to see the powerpoint this is available and also a audio taped version. If you want copies let me know but they will be posted on here shortly.

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