Looking for spaces to hold Timebank community meetings

Timebank mtg flip list nice 26.6.14We have now held two Timebank community meetings in the wonderful new Polish cafe ‘Flirt’ in Ley Street, Ilford.   Yesterday 5 people came from nearby plus 2 volunteers to talk about building up community connections and networks through skills sharing…. and to tease out their skills offers and requests.

We are looking for other venues for community meetings now around Seven Kings, Newbury Park, Ilford, Goodmayes, Chadwell Heath: cafes, restaurants, foyers, community centres, schools.  If you are willing to give us a free venue and free teas and coffees (or very small fee), we can bring local people through your doors to see what you do.

We are also working out how your business/organisation can join the Timebank and get timebank mtg group 26.6.14other services for nothing – eg you give us a venue for 2 hours and then you can call on local people for 2 hours to help you with your website, or your garden or leafleting….

The Timebank now has 25 people signed up and this is picking up all the time.  Be part of this exciting community scheme that creates a lively sharing economy while at the same time helping cafes, centres etc to find new customers.

More more information on the Timebank and to register click here. In the meantime please help us to find people and resources to join the Timebank.  This is a community effort!

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