Things you need to consider – Sadiq Kothia of Taqwa Carpets

The speaker at the enterprise club on Tuesday 24th June is Sadiq Kothia of Taqwa Carpets in Seven Kings.Taqwa carpets

Sadiq set up the shop in 1996 and previous to that worked as a small business advisor in a national bank.  He is heavily involved in community affairs, is the father of 4 and a trustee of Al Noor School

Sadiq will talk about the things you need to consider to set up a viable business and he wants to give a bit of a reality check about the range of things you need to have in place.  Although his experience is in retail, he knows about the types of start-ups attending the enterprise club and will make his input relevant to all businesses.

Because of prayer times, Sadiq will be there from 12 and leave at 1.10.  Aidan Ward, Director of Sophia Hubs will be there and after this we will spend some time working on supporting your start-ups to take appropriate next steps.

Looking forward to it!




business principle small business advisor

father of 4.

Heavily involved in community

Trustee of Al Noor

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