Jeffery Nkrumah shares his social enterprise wisdom

ent club jeffery group june 14Jeffery Nkrumah came for the second time to the enterprise club this week.  We heard more about Inspired by Sports is now reaching national news!  This was all done without a business plan but a very clear vision and heaps of determination and graft. He will appear on The One Show (BBC 1) on 18th July.

Jeffery’s advice, (backed-up by learning through doing!): Jeffery Nkrumah

  • make people feel good before you try and sell – your manner, your communication skills, dressing according to who you are meeting.
  • Use your reputation and word-of mouth as the main marketing tool – no need to spend much money.
  • Create a volunteer team to share your vision with, to do the things they are better at than you (eg set up and run a whatsapp group for marketing) and train them up in the way you do things, so that you have a ready work-force when you are in a position to offer paid work. (Jeffery has two young people on his Board and is now employing a young person who has been volunteering.)
  • Develop your public speaking and promotion skills by attending a Toastmaster group. (There are Toastmaster courses all over London and their purpose to build up public speaking skills.  If you are interested, I am planning on trying this out and a few of us could go together).
  • Have big plans to expand your vision – Inspired by Sports is apparently nowhere near where it wants to get to.  It believes strongly in using sport to turn young people around, including those who have been excluded from school, and wanjeffery ent club group june 14ts to spread this method far and wide.

This session was attended by start ups Maria Ndolo, Monica Abala, Lynette St Cyr Caeser and Bev Martin.   We need more men!!


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