First Timebank community meeting

group at cafeWe held our first community meeting at the Flirt Cafe in Ley Street, (just opened) with 14 guests.  It was the first opportunity to bring people together to see who is out there that is interested in the Timebank and wants to join in community skill sharing.

 Jason wants help to sing like an angel and can offer general practical help, Ruth can offer mediation/facilitation training and wants help to use her mobile phone, Michelle wants hypnotherapy and can offer massage and dog walking, Lynette wants help to set up a safe Facebook account and someone to take down and put up a new curtain rail and she can teach you how to make the best sweetbread…… The difficult thing is to make sure everyone registers on timebank BEFORE making deals !Offers and requests

We drew up an exciting and extensive list of the skills ‘offers’ and skills ‘requests‘ among the 15 of us and there were many direct swops including Theo (a trained ESOL teacher) to help Melinda with her English and Melinda to help Theo set up a Facebook account.

I loved this meeting as I have been away for a few years and want to settle back in and put down roots in the area. I would love to support Shahanara with her start-up idea to set up a mediation service in Redbridge and I am willing to run the training course.  There were plenty of people there who could help me with some of my needs including how to use my mobile phone! Ruth Musgrave

PTheo and Jasonlease do register on the Timebank – it’s quite easyThe website link is here.  You just need an email account (that you check regularly), go to the login, create a user name and provide a couple of referees.  Help can be given – just contact me.

This photo is of the youngest guest, 26 year old Jason, exchanging phone numbers with the oldest person, Theo.  It was nice to see so many people exchanging details – but please, please just make sure everything goes through the Timebank as transactions and success stories are the key to ensure its success.

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