Stephanie Mugo is a new start up and gives and takes advice

1459769_590261711010653_790239693_t v2Thanks to Stephanie who shared her journey so far as a new start-up.

Stephanie has trained over the last 4 years and has spent 2013/14 establishing a clinic in her home.  She is mainly using word of mouth plus free or introductory offer prices to build up customer base.  She now has  6 regular osteomyology clients but is aiming for a 4 days a week clinic with 60+ clients per week.

Stephanie’s advice to start-ups – practice on your friends, and give freebies.  For therapies that people don’t know much about, they will be suspicious, scared and also concerned about costs: don’t take rejections personally, and be prepared to tell people what you are doing.  Also spend as little as you can on marketing – use facebook to put your information, use word of mouth, and maybe buy a roll-out banner to take with you.

Our advice to Stephanie:  we loved  her graphic, and others she showed us, and we think she should definitely add this to her start-up as a supplementary income.  She seems talented, she finds it easy, and we think there is a market for this, particularly for start-ups.

To get in touch with Stephanie for either a osteomyology taster session or graphics design: email: , phone 07808 857097 or visit her facebook page

Good news:  Stephanie thinks the enterprise club is a valuable networking and learning opportunity and plans to attend from now on.


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