Introducing our new website the Timebank website!!

We now have a website!! It’s a Sophia Hubs Limited website as the Seven Kings pilot is to be the first of many.  The Seven Kings page will be hosting my blog by next week.  In the meantime there is information on the new website and my blog.

Also introducing the Timebank website!! This is hosted on the main Sophia Hubs website.  At the moment the offers and requests are from other Timebanks in London but within a week or so our own local skills will start to appear.  This is very exciting.  It will take a while to get things right and so we ask for your patience.  In the meantime please try registering.  Also if you want to get involved as a Timebank volunteer broker and help to recruit users and support them, your hours will be credited on the Timebank.  We desperately need a diverse team of people who want to get involved – please get in touch if you want to find out more.

Sunday is Global Sharing Day and at Sophia Hubs we want to do all we can to create a vibrant ‘sharing economy‘ and to build up our local wealth in the business economy too.

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