Enterprise club speaker 3rd June local alternative therapy start-up

1459769_590261711010653_790239693_t v2Introducing Stephanie Mugo, of The Osteomyology Clinic of the Blue Lotus based in Dagenham.

Stephanie has trained over many years in a range of alternative therapies and started practicing in 2012 whilst in a job.  Since April 2013 and redundancy Stephanie is now doing what she really wants to do.  She works from home and has built up a few regular clients and some one-off intervention customers, and is currently expanding.

This local start-up was set up with just a pack of business cards, a flyer and a facebook page.  Stephanie wants to join the enterprise club to support her own business growth but would like to share her tips on what she’s learned so far including marketing, finding the self belief, taking rebuffs, being your business, keeping costs low.

The enterprise club is now running at lunchtime on TuesdaysWe open at 12.00, Speaker and small group support is 12.30 – 2.00 and networking 2-2.30.




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