A fantastic, practical local start-your-own business course at Redbridge Institute

On the road and building partnerships took us to the Redbridge Institute this week and an inspiring meeting with Joni Cunningham, Director and Dawit Asress, Head of Curriculum.  Olive Hamilton Andrews is one of our start-ups and on the management board for the Institute and set up and joined in the meeting.

Among a range of ways that we will be working together from now on, this includes us promoting a start-up business course that runs regularly for 5 sessions and only costing £10, and the Institute using Sophia Hubs to give follow up support and a network for their business course students.

The next course is fully booked but the Institute will run a course just for our start-ups!!  Please give me your name if you are interested (I am!) and we can set this up pretty soon.

We highly recommend this course.  We give ongoing support through the enterprise club and business mentors and suggest that you also take advantage of this to get some of your basic business structures in place.

The photo is of the Institute’s prototype for a greenhouse made with plastic 2L bottles.  They need thousands, so please do bear this in mind.



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