Sophia Hubs enterprise zone at the Green Fair

Our enterprise zone at the Redbridge Green Fair – what’s on?

Venue:  Redbridge Green Fair, Melbourne Field, Valentines Park.  Date: Sunday 25 May.   Time: 11.30 – 7.00

  • Launch the time bank and let people to sign up or leave their details.  We will get people talking and thinking about:  What skills could you offer?  What services/skills/ help do you need?
  • Promotion of the new business opportunity to distribute recycled paint from the Forest Recycling Project.   Supported by FRP staff/vols a big push on re-using paint: tins of paint lying, some paint activities and a.. community artist running the splatter bike paint activity….  I am Young / Work Rest & Play use their marketing skills to recruit community groups that want to use free paint.    We hope to identify a person/organisation who wishes to take on this ready-made enterprise opportunity.
  • Table for business cards for local businesses and we encourage our start ups and others to try their pitch and get some new customers.
  • We create a place for conversations and mini surgeries for our business mentors and others to give help/support to start-ups.
  • We have a few small talks/speeches from entrepreneurs throughout the day.

Please can our start-ups, mentors and supporters contact me if you are able to help run the zone for a while.  Otherwise just turn up and join in!

Aim:  a buzzing zone where skills are exchanged and networks are increased.

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