Business success using a sports mentality

Thanks so much to Jeffery Nkrumah for his inspirational and practical talk this week. Jeffery Nkrumah

We were amazed to hear his story of determination, resilience and just getting on and doing stuff to reach his goal of setting up a sports business working with young people.  He was open about the hurdles, problems and mistakes made in setting up Inspired By Sports and how he took it in his stride through the experience of sports training and coaching.

Inspired by Sports was set up as a social enterprise in February and it has built up many contracts to train young people in sports, mainly athletics.  The USP (unique selling point) is using the psychological mindset used in sports training in all other elements of young people’s lives to bring higher achievement across the board.

The inspiration for me was that he did not try to get everything perfect and in place before getting going with his idea, which has been my tendency with my business idea.

Jeffery managed to turn his limited company into a Community Interest Company when he realised this was the way to get grants.  In a nail biting wait, he managed to reclaim his PLC Company name  for his CIC.

We are starting to use a business canvas model with the start-ups rather than a business plan and Jeffery perfectly modeled the continual testing out of various elements until he found what he wanted. And he is still testing, learning and adapting to take the business forward. We were a smaller group this week which meant that the three start-ups had longer to relate the input to Ent club 29.4.14 Nkrumahtheir business.

Inspired by Sports has many contracts in Newham and Redbridge and is also running the ‘food miles run’ at the Redbridge Green Fair.



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