Sophia Hubs to run an enterprise zone at the Redbridge Green Fair

The Sophia Hubs enterprise zonegreen fair best
We will be running an ‘enterprise zone’ at the Redbridge Green Fair in a small marquee.

Where & when?
Redbridge Green Fair, Sunday 25th May, 11.30-7.00, Melbourne Field, Valentines Park, Ilford, IG1 4SD

1. This is an opportunity for all our start-ups and local business contact to promote themselves, get out there and try out their sales pitch, increase contacts, raise their profile, get customers! And this includes Sophia Hubs.
2. We want to help establish a business start up in recycled paint distribution
3. Also Sophia Hubs wants to launch the time bank and sign people up for skills they can offer and skills they want to use – all in one hour time units.

How?joyce ryan 2007

  • We will have smallish marquee and create a hive of activity and interest
  • Run an activity to draw people in
  • Inspirational short talks by people in business (3 slots available)
  • Table for business cards
  • Sales pitch practise – put start-ups on the spot!
  • Carla from I Am Young will paint a mural with the recycled paint to show the murals she can paint in kids bedrooms and recruit interested parents.
  • Launch the time bank and sign people up.
  • Use our partners, supporters, volunteers, mentors and start-ups to help us run a buzzing and useful new area at the Green Fair


  • We are partnering with social enterprise Work Rest And Play/I Am Young and Forest Recycling Project who have created the recycled paint distribution business opportunity
  • As many of our start-ups, mentors, volunteers, business contacts and speakers as possible

More information
The Redbridge Green Fair is a well established and well loved local festival organised by volunteers. Ros (me!) is the Chair. This is a community festival with a green theme and is the largest event in the borough that involves diverse communities. There will be over 100 stalls, 2 music areas, 2 marquees with hands-on arts for all ages and all sorts of environmental attractions. The website is:

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