Jeffery Nkrumah – Olympian trainer sets up a new Redbridge social enterprise

Jeffery NkrumahWe will be welcoming Jeffery Nkrumah to the enterprise club for the first time on Tuesday 29th April.

“It is possible!  How to go from an idea to having your own business”  2pm – 3.15pm

Jeffery started off as a sports coach and moved on to setting up a local CIC (Community Interest Company) in February this year.  He used his qualities and skills as a trainer of elite Olympic athletes, plus the new ones he has learned along the way, to make his business idea into a reality: to work with and inspire young people to use sports as a tool to have a positive mindset that will bring them higher than expected achievements in all areas of their life.

Jeffery is Co-Director of Inspired by sports and is working in partnership with many Redbridge and East London organisations including Ilford Athletics.  Jeffery is keen to increase his local networks and is keen to meet local entrepreneurs and see what Sophia Hubs is all about.

Here’s a link to the Inspired By Sports website: click here.  Please follow Jeffery on twitter @ib_sports

Here’s Jeffery after having led some great sports based activity at an arts festival last year local neighbours and I organised on the corner of my road  – I feel very proud of this photo on Jeffery’s website – hope this link works!  click here

Please do come and join us on Tuesday.  Come any time from 1.30.  Jeffery has to leave at 3.15 prompt to get to the Cricklefield stadium for 3.30.  We will stay on an work in small groups to help support start-ups using Jeffery’s input and wisdom.

We hope to be joined by some young people from I Am Young again, accompanied by youth worker Ash Ahmed.  It was great having you there last week.


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