Done deals at environmental enterprise club! 8th April…

toni odun keithHere’s Toni Dipple (left) Director of Organic Ilford, Odun Ogundipe, (centre), author and recycled crafts expert, and Keith Young (left) Coordinator of Recycles, Ilford.  By the end of the session at Enterprise Club on  8th April,  Odun is going to design re-usable recycled vegetable bags for Toni and recycled cycle panniers for Keith.  Great.

env ent club apr 2014Here’s the group of people who attended on Tuesday to share tips and experience about running (mainly) environmental enterprises.   Thanks to our speakers/presenters King Chukwuedo (Anchor Green), Brian Kelly (Forest Recycling project) and Toni and Keith mentioned above.

Start-ups that received practical support from the wealth of wisdom on hand today were an upcycling project, a rag doll enterprise, a hynotherapy start-up and the seed of an idea for a mediation project.  Ten year old Guiseppe also got some feedback on his bun-making sales.

Forest Recycling Project are working with Sophia Hubs to develop a new re-used paint enterprise to bring to Redbridge.  Keith Young has expressed an interest which is a good start!

Thanks everyone for making this an enjoyable event.

Ros Southern

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