Thanks to Geoff from the Chambers and Bev from the Town Centres

photo 5photo 4Thanks to our speakers this week – Geoff Hill  (Chair of Chamber of Commerce) and Beverley Stratton ( Town Centre’s Manager and Business Improvement Districts Manager).   It’s difficult to pick out a couple of tips from them both but here they are:

  • Personal relationships get businesses going. People will give you business because they like you.
  • Don’t undervalue yourself – set fees that show the value of what you do and that you are carrying all the risks, not them.
  • You are creating a brand and it does take time

Comments from some Start-ups:

  • “It was good to know that Redbridge can offer business stalls for local businesses at the Town Centre markets” Pankajni
  • It’s going to be really useful to go through Geoff’s business planning questions this week – Vicky
  • I realise that it is not always a good thing to charge a low price – Lina

Thanks again!



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