Kabir Ahmed is speaking on keeping your drive despite the typical set-backs

On Tuesday 25 March at our Enterprise Club the speaker will be Kabir Ahmed.  He wants to share his story and to talk through the typical negativity and hurdles and issues that can crop up for an entrepreneur.  He wants to show how you can deal with these and keep your drive and focus.

Kabir Ahmed Kabir has an extensive business background successfully leading both Government Departments and global corporations. He currently sits on the board of directors for a number of international companies.  His current venture Work Rest and Play is based in Ilford as a co-working company founded by a team of successful business entrepreneurs. They act as a financial backer for the I Am Young organisation, donating 100% of their profits to the cause.

Come along anytime after 1 and stay until 5.  Kabir will be with us from 1.45 until 3.30. There will be opportunities for small group work on your businesses using Kabir’s advice.  Open to anyone who  wants to start a business and particularly if it has social purposes!

Venue:  St John’s Church, St John’s Road, Seven Kings IG2 7BB.

Contact:  Ros.Southern@Sophiahubs.com  07707 460309/0208 590 2568

Facebook:   Twitter: @sophiahubs7K


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