Francesca Fenn sets up business without a business plan!

Thanks so much to Francesca Fenn who was the speaker at our drop-in enterprise club this  week.  Franscesca shared how she set up a family business and slowly but surely found a niche and created wonderful, child-led guides to days out in London.

Francesca’s pieces of advice to our start-ups were:

  • don’t be scared!
  • take your time – be patient
  • start as small as you need to, to test and develop your product

The fact that Francesca did not have a business plan (!), her approach of building up slowly and keeping part time work while doing so, resonated with some of those present.

Thanks to the local more established business people Ola, Elaine, Dee and Pankajni for advice and support given to Lina, Fiona, Olive and Carlton.  Thanks also to Jenny for setting up, clearing up and doing the teas.

Francesca Fenn 11.3.14

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